Before you make any final decisions to have Aqua Fun install a pool for you, we will review in detail everything that’s included with a base pool. But for now, here is an overview to help give you an idea of what’s involved…


We will walk through your backyard with you to hear your ideas on size, shape, function, features, and landscaping and make recommendations based on our experience. We will then complete the to-scale CAD and engineering drawings and sit down with you to review them to ensure they depict what you want from your pool.


Once you are happy with the design, we get the permits for the construction, plumbing, and electrical work so you don’t have to worry about them.


Our backhoe comes in and digs the hole and the plumbing and electrical trenches to the engineered specifications. Now it’s 30 days until you’re swimming!

Pool Installation

We set up steel walls around the edge of the hole, then pour concrete for the floor and coat it with vermiculite. We hang the liner from coping at the top of the steel wall and use a vacuum to ensure the liner fits the vessel. Then it’s time to fill the pool.

Plumbing, Electrical, Filtration, and Decking

We run the plumbing and electrical to the equipment pad and install the filtration equipment. After our work passes code inspection, we backfill the filter trench and pool area with pea gravel, then pour the concrete deck.


We typically finish the dirt around the pool or decking with a rough grade, which will still need preparation before it is ready for grass seed.


We will teach our Aqua Fun Pool School, which is a tutorial on caring for your new pool. We will also give you detailed product manuals, warranty cards, and complete install drawings for your reference and records.

Aqua Fun Water Management System

As an option, in an Aqua Fun pool, we also offer the Aqua Fun Water Management System, which is designed to cut down on your pool cleaning time. 

A standard pool’s circulation system includes a skimmer (to skim off insects and other floating debris) and two floor drains that pull water into the filtration system and back out into the pool through two returns. This circulates about 62% of the water when the pool is not being used.

The Aqua Fun Water Management System uses six sidewall jets and multiple in-floor pop-up jets to circulate 100% of the water when the pool is not being used, distributing chlorine and heat throughout the entire pool. This circulation system also pushes dirt into just a few places throughout the pool to make vacuum cleaning a breeze – it takes only about 15 minutes a week to clean your pool rather than a few hours – and it saves money on water treatment.

What’s Included with a Base Pool

With a base pool package from Aqua Fun Pools, you receive:

Pool of determined size and shape
Pentair sand filter (24”)
Pentair high performance pump (1 hp)                                                                                     Robotic Cleaner
Automatic chlorinator
Mineral purification system
8-foot walk-out steps
Standard handrail
3-tread ladder/auto cover (in-wall ladder)
Galvanized wall with lifetime warranty
Custom liner
500 sq. ft. of concrete deck
Electric, including GFCI breaker
Maintenance kit
$200 in start-up chemical
Safety rope and float
Building permits
300-watt DC light
Rough grade
Solar cover
Winter cover
Winterizing (labor only)
Aqua Fun Pool School
Water fill

There are many extra features that can be added to an Aqua Fun Pool. Make sure you talk to your salesperson about any upgrades you desire.