Reveal Clarifier 32oz


Reveal Clarifier 32oz


REVEAL is a fast-acting clarifier that eliminates dull cloudy water without affecting balance levels or clogging the filter.

This concentrated formula works with the pool filter to remove dirt, debris and other suspended particles. REVEAL is effective in high sanitizer levels and will help reduce total dissolved solids (TDS). It is compatible with all pool chemicals, including salt, chlorine, bromine, biguanide and mineral systems.

REVEAL is safe for all pool equipment and surfaces including vinyl, plaster, exposed aggregate, and fiberglass.

Long term benefits include brilliant water clarity, increased sanitizer effectiveness, more time between filter cleanings, and prolonged filter life.

REVEAL is safe for all pool equipment and surfaces, including vinyl, plaster, exposed aggregate and fiberglass.

Long term benefits include:

  • Helps reduce TDS levels

  • Discover brilliant sparkling water… FAST!

  • Works in ANY pool and ALL sanitizers

  • Removes clouding particles

Easy application! Just pour into the skimmer!

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