Aqua Fun Pools is a family company owned and operated by Mike and Debbie Harper. Mike has been installing in-ground, vinyl-liner pools in the Indianapolis area since 1976 and Debbie is an expert at water quality analysis and treatment. Together, we strive to help homeowners create and maintain the backyard pool and entertainment experience of their dreams.

Meet the owners

Mike Harper is our expert on construction and service, and he has extensive experience building and servicing residential vinyl-lined pools. He has the technical knowledge to sit and discuss filtration, hydraulics, and other intricate pool components with you. Just drop by the store, although you may want to call first to make sure he’s not out on an installation or service call.

Debbie Harper manages our retail stores and does complimentary pool water analysis. It’s important to her that pool owners have clear water using as little chemical as possible to treat it. She tracks the water-quality history for each customer to look for trends and help identify and diagnose problems. To help broaden her knowledge, she researches chemicals, goes to chemistry seminars, and refers to chemical specialists that are available through our distributors. Bring her a sample of your pool water any time and she can have your results in minutes



Quality and integrity are the most important aspects of our business. We guarantee that our customers will be happy with the work we do and the products we sell and install. Our job is finished only when you are pleased with the results. In our retail store, we don’t want you to walk out the door loaded with chemicals you don’t really need. Our goal is for you to have clean, clear, balanced water in your pool using as little chemical as necessary.