At Aqua Fun Pools, we can help you maintain your pool to provide years of enjoyment. Even if your pool was not installed by us, we can still provide liner replacements, covers, pool maintenance and repair, and seasonal pool opening and closing. Give us a call and we’d be happy to help.

Liner Replacements

Eventually, vinyl liners just wear out. They look old and dingy and take away from the sparkle of your backyard entertainment area. The solution? Replace the liner. We can install a new liner in your choice of color to fit your pool, regardless of who built your pool initially. As part of the reliner process, we will:

  • Remove the old liner and haul it off (you will need to have the pool drained before we arrive)

  • Scrape off any calcium deposits

  • Scrape and paint any rust areas

  • Clean and patch floor (not to exceed one batch)

  • Install the new liner

  • Fill the pool


Indiana state law requires that you have an auto-cover on your pool or a fence with self-closing, self-latching gates. (Check your local building codes.) That being said, we can provide covers that meet the code requirements for any pool – new or existing. We can also service covers, providing installation and fabric and part replacement to help your cover last for years.


We repair equipment, including the filters, pump, and heater. We can change light fixtures, change sand, and make a number of other repairs. If something is broken or appears to be, give us a call.

Openings & Closings

Each year, we can help you open up your pool in the spring to get it ready for summertime fun, then help you close it down in the fall to prevent the water lines from freezing during the winter.

When we close a pool, we use a method called airlocking that uses minimal amounts of antifreeze. Our method saves you money on antifreeze and is better for the water. The traditional method is filling the lines completely with antifreeze, which in turn gets dumped in the pool in the spring, causing a chlorine demand. To you this means more money in chemical to balance your water. With the Aqua Fun Pools airlocking method, our antifreeze dissipates in the water without requiring extra treatment for removal.

Call to schedule your opening or closing. Greenwood 317-885-9170 - Brownsburg 317-286-7487