Aqua Fun Pools stores are sparkling clean, full of anything and everything you need for your pool, and there’s always the scent of the tropics in the air. Our helpful staff is ready to answer your questions and help you keep your water crystal clear.



We want your pool water to be as clear and healthy as possible, so we offer a free water testing service. Just bring us a sample – we can provide you with bottles or use your own small, clean container with a tight lid – and we’ll use our state-of-the-art computerized test equipment to find out the status of your water in about three minutes.

Once we get the results, we will provide you with clear, specific written instructions, customized for your pool, on what you need to do to correct the water – what you need to add, when, how much, and in what order. And we’ll review the directions with you to make sure you fully understand them.

The first time you come in, we will collect information on you and your pool. Then each time you come back, we will review your records to look for any trends or problems that need to be corrected.

It is our goal to help you understand the water treatment process and how it works so you can feel comfortable taking care of the water in your pool and keep it clear and balanced.

Products we offer

Pool Chemistry: We carry sanitizers, algaecides, balancers, oxidizers, and other accessories from companies such as REGAL, Sea Klear, Frog, Natural Chemistry, Spa Pure, Pool RX and Nature II. We also carry products for salt generators. If you are experiencing a specific issue with your pool, just ask.

Maintenance Equipment & Parts: We carry everything from vacuum hoses to Dolphin automatic pool cleaners, plus filters, pumps, heaters, replacement cartridges, auto cover pumps, salt generators, and more. We also carry the Circulator, the extreme 360 Rotating water jet.

Party Accessories: We carry Tervis brand mugs and tumblers that are perfect for keeping cold beverages cold outside by the pool. They are made of virtually shatterproof plastic, won’t “sweat” in the summer heat, and are dishwasher safe.

We also carry Grizzly Coolers & Tumblers in various colors and sizes.

We carry the G-20 quart in Orange and Seafoam, the G-40 quart in Red, Orange, and Seafoam, and the G-60 quart in Red and Seafoam. We also carry the dividers for the 40 & 60 quart coolers.

We carry the 20 oz Tumblers in Burnt Orange, Blue, Red, Lime Green, and Stainless. We carry the 32 oz Tumblers in Charcoal and Stainless.

We also carry the full line of Sun Bum Sun Care products. Products include: Zinc Oxide 50, Self-tanning Towelette, Face stick, Dry Shampoo, Shampoo, Conditioner, Conditioning Hair Masque, Hair lightener, 3-n-1 leave in, Shine on, Sea Spray, Tanning oil, Browning lotion, Baby lotion 30, Suntan Lotion & Sprays (SPF: 15, 30, 50, 70), Cool Down lotion and gel, beach towels, paddle ball game, Frisbees, and Footballs.

Now Introducing...AMBRE BLENDS: Essential Oil Roll On, Skin Tonic, Natural Deodorant, Olive Oil Soap, Spritzer, and Pure Soy Wax Candle.  

Store Location


3100 Meridian Parke Drive
Suite T
Greenwood, IN 46142
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Store Hours

Monday-Friday: 9AM-6PM (Except Wednesdays)

Wednesday: 9AM-4:30PM

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Sunday: CLOSED